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You can lose 8kg in 8 weeks and be on the way to a healthier and slimmer lifestyle. We offer a complete weight loss solution. With a easy to follow diet that will help all clients get results. By following this diet plan you can except to lose a minimum of 500grams fat per week. Each client has a diet plan that is designed around their favourite foods and their lifestyle. With weekly visit we will help keep you motivated and reach your weight loss goals. This program is also prescribed to people with high blood pressure or high cholesterol.

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Personal Trainer - Leo Mele

Leo Mele is qualified as a Naturopath and Personal Trainer and has been in the health industry for over 8 years. Many people try to lose weight but can not keep the weight off. This weight Loss program will help build up your metabolism. If you have high blood pressure or cholesterol we can design a program that will greatly improve your health.

Leo Mele also offers personal training in a private studio. This studio has the latest free weight machine. The advantages of training in a private studio are a more effective workout. Close attention to your workouts so you will get maximum results.
Each client is shown through and prescribed a program that suits your body type. Personal Training will help keep you motivated.

Fitness Studio - Personal Trainers Newtown & Geelong


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